Dear Cleotha,

What’s up, dude? Long time no talk! Even though I AM you, we’ve been really distant from each other lately. I’ve missed you and I’m writing this letter because I’m really worried about you. It’s 2017! March is just around the corner and you started this year out just as all the others, hopelessly optimistic […]

Hey there, America!

Donald Trump has been elected to be the next President of the United States. So what now? A lot of people are angry. Plenty of people are confused. Some cheer while others wave their fists at the air. How could this happen in AMERICA!?!?! Easy. People voted for the person they wanted to win. There […]

The Robbery

Snap your finger. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Did you do it? Liar…come on do it! You’re the best! That finger snap is the amount of time it takes for your life to change. I was robbed at gunpoint after work on Thursday, Sept. 1. I work at a gas station so I suppose the concept […]


I remember being young and I couldn’t wait until I turned 18 to buy all those shiny gadgets on the commercials. I wanted them…I NEEDED them…and when that magic day comes I’ll be able to get anything I wanted! The next step was 21. I’ll be legal and officially a grown up!  Whoo! I can […]

The Unexpected Vacation

Sometimes the best stories are the unexpected ones. Having a plan is all fine and dandy but life always has a way of putting you in your place. A trip to Nashville was planned and I was excited to get away from home for the weekend. The night before, I did the necessary car maintenance […]